Solutions for every Industry

ACTIVX Complete Surveillance Solutions are versatile and flexible to meet the needs of any application in any market.

Real-time Surveillance

With IP surveillance enabling digital surveillance streams over the internet, operators in various places.

Advanced Video Analytics

Intelligent cameras with built-in video analytics are beginning to play a significant role.


IP-based network cameras provide greater flexibility and increased network integration capabilities.


Scalability is a growing focus in today’s video surveillance market. The explosion of new IP Cameras.

Digital Storage

Video footage is recorded and stored digitally, unlike analog systems which archive footage on clunky cassette tapes.

Remote Access

IP-based surveillance systems send live video streams over the internet, where they can be viewed, along with archived footage.

ACTIVX has you covered

ACTIVX has the right tools for any application, scalable, configurable and unique to your needs.


Airport authorities and organizations require crime deterrence through video surveillance, automated detection, access control, video analytics, customer service, and other applications, as components of a comprehensive security solution. In addition, physical security systems need to be extremely reliable.

Hospital & Healthcare

Hospitality places and Healthcare centers are unique in that security challenges specific to particular industries are all brought together in one organization. In addition to general areas, hospitals often have restaurants, gift shops, pharmacies, holding cells for the treatment of inmates, and psychiatric treatment areas—all presenting unique technology requirements.

Financial & Banking

ACTIVX security solutions help financial institutions secure personnel and assets, detect security threats, produce actionable video for investigations, and improve overall operational compliance requirements. With increasing remote access to video and network demands, our VMS minimizes the impact to your network.

Government Sector

Our products have been a key part of solutions chosen by city, county, state, and federal agencies and departments to get the job done, across USA and around the world. Whether for Safe & Secure City initiatives, to protect physical plant and infrastructure, or to protect and monitor people, traffic or buildings.

Manufacturing & Industrial

With an unlimited number of cameras and servers installed in a variety of locations, interaction is immediate. Prioritize alarms, interact with emergency systems, use maps to identify events across geographic areas, and pull ‘quick clips’ for immediate export. And, with ACTIVX’s open platform, integration with 3rd party and emerging technologies is possible.

City Surveillance

Whether for Safe & Secure City initiatives, to protect physical plant and infrastructure, or to protect and monitor people, traffic, or buildings. Individual facilities, or entire metropolitan areas, can leverage the power of simple, affordable, and expandable ACTIVX platforms for video surveillance, video analytics, access control, and other demanding physical security needs.