AX-TNet Series


  • Standard TCP/IP communication, multi-level lightning protection and surge protection.
  • Large-capacity FLASH, multi-type circuit design optimization, 10 years of continuous power storage data.
  • Input/output protection, components from well-known IC manufacturers.
  • Various ways to identify and open the door: card, password, card + password, double card, free access, timing door switch and timing alarm.
  • Powerful Software When access controller series work with Anson software, it can achieve more complex security function. Such as, access data search, employee shift, attendance statistics.
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AX-L Series


  • Door controled: 2 to 4.
  • Readers can connected: 4pcs.
  • Control of Memory up to 20,000 Users / up to 100,000 Event Buffers.
  • Network Communication via TCP/IP.
  • English Software supportable database: Access and SQL.
  • Support remote operation door switch; switch fire alarm.
  • All inputs with optocoupler protection system more stable.
  • Large-capacity Flash memory, stored data is not lost power for 10 years.
  • Support individual settings for each card is valid.
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